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WD40 - Part 2

That’s also how I met J. An email came out in this “super secret omg we got the truth of Gann” group (apologies, had to lol) about this guy who teaches some form of very esoteric, supposedly Ancient Egyptian style of meditation.

Now when I say supposedly I don’t mean to imply that it isn't, I can say today that I wouldn't be surprised in the least if it was, but back then I knew nothing about that.

I was extremely intrigued by this email and soon enough I became J’s meditation student.

This is something totally different. Energy meditations, I never knew you could do that. Once a week we have a 1 hour Skype session, I practice daily. We do drills, and soon enough I come to realize reality may be very different to what I thought.

How can I explain this.... for example, the fact he was half way around the world didn't matter one bit, during those drills we “met” within that meditative space. Ugh... this is so hard to explain in words. It’s not like I saw him and went hey man what’s up high five, ok? There were events we both experienced, we were debriefing the drills and it’s like “Shit mate I saw that too! Yep!” And they were very specific things, not vague ones. Spiritual Cymatics.

I don’t wish to stay here for too long, there is a lot here, but I had to tell you how I met J. Our friendship is perhaps the weirdest I've ever had, he’s a wild character, we have done interesting things together since, mostly in the trading space actually, and I love him very much to this day.

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