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WD40 - Part 1

W.D Gann. This name suddenly begins to appear in my experience. Never heard of him. Something makes me wanna search and I find a community, let’s call it that, dedicated to the research of his work. I subscribe. It has an immense archive, seems to have been more active a few year ago. I start reading. One of the biggest WTFs ever. The more I read the bigger the mystery becomes. I don’t even know where to begin....

I ask a question here and there, strange folks Gann researchers are... like a constant sensation that they all want to say something, the energy of which is almost vibrating their lips, but that’s as far as it goes, hard to get simple answers if at all.

There are 5 important things that happened during that period, and they are the sole reason for me writing about this. I do not wish to discuss Gann, I don’t claim to know his system, but he is a major part of my journey, you will understand more about why later, I promise.

I was looking for something, broken links everywhere, so I asked the group for help. One of the replies I got was from an old man (as he self proclaimed) and after a friendly back and forth I got an email from him with all sorts of statements and observations, none of them I understood at the Time. “What a kind and strange old man” I thought to myself. Something made me remember that email and it was part of one of the most exciting periods of research in my life, but that is more than 3 years into the future at this point.

One day the head honcho of this group approaches me with an offer. He has a paid group, sifting through the chuff and to the point, what Gann is all about. I have never before paid for such a thing, nor have I since, and although it wasn't super pricey it wasn't money I felt at ease spending either. But something in me said yes, and I did. Not gonna go into it, but I got nothing but gratefulness towards that head honcho, and it’s not because he taught me Gann’s system.

After a long while It became unclear to me as to whether someone really, truly, knows the man’s system in full, let alone willing to teach it in a straight up, none convoluted manner. And besides, 99% of successful traders throughout history knew nothing of it. I want to be a trader, the secrets of the universe, if he indeed had them, can wait. I left after about a year and a half, but that man changed my thinking in some very profound ways, more about that later.

Head honcho, I totally vibrated thanks to your teaching and for that I am grateful, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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