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The Trading Pit with Pete

One day I’m talking to J, it would be our last call for a long while, and he tells me about a bond trader friend of his using a price ladder that has a volume profile on it. I never got price ladders, never really looked into them, always looked like too much was going on too fast.

I can’t remember why I went looking for it, I really can’t, but after some searching I found it. Jigsaw Trading.

I start watching Peter’s videos on YouTube. Beyond being an excellent trader he too is generous with his knowledge!

This is one of those hatched in my mind moments. 11PM, me and my wife are in bed getting ready to sleep. I’m watching a video and suddenly turn to her and say “You see that?”, showing her the Jigsaw ladder “I actually understand that!”.

I purchased Jigsaw and am a fan ever since. I wish Peter had the educational and development offerings he has today back then, that man is kick ass and Jigsaw is going places, I can tell.

Apart from the OrderFlow side of things it was something Peter said - “If you think of trading as a question with an answer then you either get it right or wrong, but the truth is trading is a skill”. That, my friends, liberated something in me and I started gravitating, grudgingly I admit as it goes against parts of my nature, towards process.

Because, you see? Skills can be developed and it is process that both develops them and binds them together.

Thank you Peter, thank you for freeing me of that illusion, much love and appreciation!

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