The Black Hole

Fam, you need to understand something, especially those who are unfamiliar with markets.

Markets will take everything you give them, they will take it all. People lose vast amounts of money, become physically and emotionally damaged, lose their families and homes because of their market activities.

Fuck, take Jesse Livermore for example, one of THE greatest natural talents in trading history. He ended his life by putting a bullet in his head. He was never able to stabilize emotionally, and sooner or later a resonance hit and he couldn't take the vibration anymore. He cracked.

They call it a game, but this is not a game!

Traders have a saying - “Risk comes at you fast”. Until you experience the degree of violence that shows itself in the financial markets each and every day you will have a hard time appreciating this risk in full.

It is a war zone, an eternal battle between bulls and bears.

Do you love the smell of Napalm in the morning? Haha.

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