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Markets: Total War

I gotta talk a bit about gaming as it has been such a huge part of my life. I first saw a computer when the ZX Spectrum by Sinclair Research landed in our living room, after that I had the pleasure of growing up with the Commodore 64, then the Amiga 500, then various consoles, PCs and Macs. I’ve been gaming through significant parts of my life. Two game series, along the years, influenced me more than any of the other games I played, they are the first “Total War” games, and even more than that “Mass Effect”.

Trading is somewhat of a strategy game, the likes of which I loved playing as a kid. “Rome: Total War” was the best game in the series as far as I’m concerned and to be quite honest it is in a way part of how I watch OrderFlow these days. I’ll try and convey the sentiment, it goes a little something like this: Loading...

***Hacked by SkidRow***

Press 1 to play

- The Battle at Offers Creek -

“Look at the buyer’s light missile units harassing and drawing attention... a unit of heavies pushes forward, the seller is drawn into a full on assault... the buyer’s heavy infantry is absorbing the pressure, the battle is fierce as the seller has fully committed to the fight, they are hitting the bid with everything they got. The buyer begins to get pressed back, feigning a retreat. Now it’s time for the war elephants. Move forward and destroy all that is in your path! The ‘seller enemy’ suffers overwhelming loses as the buyer’s war elephants, followed by heavy cavalry, smash its front line while the buyer’s swordsmen charge fast and hard into the seller’s flank, bitches came out of the woods! They are lifting the offer with sequential and continuous force. The seller enters full capitulation and routes. The market goes bid.”

One, I am clearly writing this during a bullish move in oil lol, but it works both ways obviously. Two, it’s important for me to stress that, while a simplification, it really is somewhat like that! This is barely a metaphor, if you ever watched the OrderFlow as a fund was blowing up on a major position you’d get it in full, trust me.

Trading is somewhat of a “Suicide Mission” as well if I am honest. Life in general is.

I am a huge “Mass Effect” fan. The first two games created a world I simply did not want to leave. Such depth of characters and story, such intelligent writing, amazing. When “Mass Effect 3” came out I fell in love with the multiplayer and became a fan of the then YouTuber, now Twitch streamer, Xcalizorz as well.

I played an embarrassingly high number of hours, got very good at it and enjoyed its co-op nature. I even accidentally played with Xcal once. :p

It’s a funny little thing... ME3MP was the first time in a long while I did something with mastery, based solely on my own skills, and I succeeded. I could carry almost any team, or solo, regardless of difficulty level. It sounds childish, I know, but something real happened there.

To any parent who may be reading this and find him or her self thinking that gaming is a waste of time - you are wrong! Gaming has its downsides like everything else, but it develops immensely important skills such as situational awareness, quick reactions, strategic and tactical thinking, the ability to find an exploitable edge in a system, and above all the placement of skill front and center. Not all games do that, but a lot do. Gaming helped shape my life and enrich my field of awareness with glorious moments, and for that I am very grateful.

To The Creative Assembly and BioWare, thank you!

Xcal, Bruce, you are a talented person and you have a warrior’s spirit, you inspired me more than you know bro.

“And remember this above all, our Roman Gods are watching... Make sure they are not ashamed!”


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