Introduction to Trading

Let’s get a bit cinematic, just for fun, and also because that’s how it is hatched in my mind.

We had a company, two partners I have known since forever. Our goal was to make a “Triple-A First Person Shooter Multilayer PC Game”.

Budget was vapor level, 10 people, 5 years, the bootstrap of bootstraps, no experience apart from generic know how’s , i.e “C++ programmer”, “Fresh out of 3D school”, “Likes sound” etc. Nuts.

We did it, we produced the game and met our goal (give or take half an A lol).

It didn't do well. Well enough to attract a much bigger investor though. A relatively small initial investment, a test. We deliver.

A much more substantial investment is agreed upon. The biggest sigh of relief.

2008 hits, investor begins to bleed hard and fast elsewhere. Company shuts down within a week. Lost in an ocean of pain.

A year and a half goes by, pulling tricks to play along, I want to puke from within.

One of my partners, S, has been meddling (fumbling really lol) with stocks for a while. We’re working on something, he pulls out his laptop to look at some chart, shows it to us and says “I think I got it! This thing I have is ‘Katana-sharpness level’”.

My other partner, Y, looks at me and says “Hey, do you think that’s something you’d be interested in doing?”.

Enormous spike of fear, that’s all I felt as these words were spoken, and I nod and say “Yeah it looks interesting”.

That’s how the journey started, I swear.

Thank you to my partners Y&S with whom I learned to not only dream but to go for it. You guys are an inspiration, I love and appreciate you very much, always.

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