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The meditations, or whatever they were at that point, seem to help in a general sense. They don’t stop the attack once it has begun, but they relax my nervous system slowly and over time.

I try Acupuncture, Tui-Na, Ho'oponopono, Biofeedback and then Neurofeedback, I move. My Neurofeedback therapist, E, kept saying “Look! the emotional centers in your brain are in a constant state of frenzy” as he was showing me the data. Hard to argue with raw data.

After a couple of months we have a session and I go into “a state” for maybe 10-15 seconds, E then goes “Finally! You went into a meditative state! here look at your brain activity”. Now I know what it feels like. Remember, I am doing this without a teacher really. I recommend working with a good meditation teacher by the way, it makes things way more efficient.

E, you allowed me to gain deep insight into how the brain works, what it needs, what it holds... our work together had a profound impact on me in retrospect, thank you!

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