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Execute on Command

There’s a book called “Gates of Fire”, a historical novel about the battle at Thermopylae. Fantastic fucking book, highly recommended.

The author went quite deeply, in the context of a novel, into the Spartan’s training.

One particular scene had a profound impact on me. The instructor would hold a thin flexible branch, and the trainees would stand in front of him. He would smack their faces with this branch repeatedly, which made them bleed and surely hurt like hell, until they stopped flinching.

Now Sparta... extreme people, that’s not even the tip of the iceberg, but I found the concept brilliant. This is how I began to teach my self execution on OrderFlow. Wyckoff wrote a trader needs to be passive and observing and then execute on command once the signal fires, and so I did. He was also a Tape Reader remember? Gann was as well. So was Jesse, Tudor-Jones... Hmmm.

Again. Again. Until you don’t flinch no more motherfucker. Haha.

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