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Become Insane!

Throughout the years I took a lot of shit from people. I’m willing to assume it was all well intentioned. Sure, why not... I have been observing people’s reactions towards me and my choices with increasing attentiveness as time went by, the more I observed the less personally I took it... why are people so hell bent, out of noble intentions of course, to make me bend to their perspectives, their pattern of choice making... whatcha’ want?!

“They are having a discussion with themselves!” was a startling realization point. Now wait a second, you mean to say all that shit is because by making very different choices and establishing different priorities I threaten their narrative?! Their "social sanity"?! So I began asking people why they hold the opinions that they do, “Yeah, I totally get what you’re saying, I’m just curious to know what makes you think that way...” and I realized most people have no clue. They become uncomfortable when questioned about it, some become outright angry and hostile. Hahaha fuck me that’s so weak.

Establish a deep connection with Love, so you don’t exit the process a psychopath, but then... Become fucking insane fam, do it on purpose and in as much awareness and honesty as you can muster. Take nothing for granted. Start doing this and you will at least see which, if any, of our “social sanities” can even hold a drop of water. Do it fam, I dare you! See what you find first. What is it about this so called fucking sanity, that norm, that we worship so much?!

“Hey infinite universe, I will meet you every second the way someone else said I should. I admit, I looked into things a bit.... they say a lot of stupid, even factually false, things... society seems to be mental Kabooki, but what the hell... let’s do it again!”. That, beloved fam, IS insane.

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