A Master Appears

Obsessed. That’s what you have to be to make it in this business. For years I wondered deep down if I truly love it. Love it? Obsessed.

My mom says I used to tell the daily USD exchange rate from the paper when I was 4 years old. Fuck me, that is strange.

Markets fascinate me, they are wild like the ocean. I've always been afraid of the ocean. I was also very afraid of the market. It’s fair to say I've lived life by following my fears, and you know what? I regret it not. Why? Cause it was never from a masochistic place, it was always to be free of them eventually, some day.

One day I’m browsing Facebook and I see a NinjaTrader post. I use Ninja, have been for years, I developed this hobby of looking into the 3rd party offerings they advertise and laugh them off as most of them (sorry NinjaTrader gotta keep it real fam) are utter shit. Man the shit that gets sold in this industry... but I digress.

On that day I saw something and I wasn't laughing. Order Flow Analytics.

I look at that thing and shit looks real. Not only that, DB who is one of OFA’s founders seems to be the real deal. A real trader and his stuff looks kick ass. Source has it that they release a version with what I need at a reduced price (cause their shit was expensive) and I take the plunge.

“J! I saw the most amazing shit ever! A way to analyze the volume within the bar and build volume profiles”. I am not gonna bother you with all the details, but OFA got me to a place where I began to really understand markets. Sadly, I was never able to replicate DB’s style, despite understanding it. Good traders do things in their head that they don’t even think about, I think that describes my experience with DB and OFA. They did give me a pretty kick ass foundation for the revolution called OrderFlow though.

Right before OFA I found the market that I love, Crude Oil. I love crude, I really really do. It’s ferocious, all markets are, but crude has its own way of doing things. Crude traders will understand, ain't no market like it.

Crude is a pretty Pro market, again ALL markets are, but it’s lighter than indices and bonds, yet not so light that it does shit that make no sense (Well... haha), it’s perfect, a “When the mutton is nice and soft” kind of thing. (S, if you ever read this, cheers brother).

DB trades a lot of crude so it was a fit. I felt so close I could feel it, and yet it remained out of reach, I couldn't make it work. Looking back I could have with a bit of tweaking but I didn't have the maturity to make it work back then, that’s just the way it is.

DB , thank you for showing me it can be done and doing your best to explain how. You have your heart into enlightening people about OrderFlow and you made an amazing product. At the time of actually writing this an OFA chart is a centerpiece in my trading, and your perspectives and ideas come back in my own fashion. You’re definitely one of my most influential teachers. Much love, appreciation and respect!

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