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A Friendly Universe

Exceptional experiences begin appearing in my meditations. Something is messaging me, and it ain’t local so to speak. You see... where I come from such an admission would be instantly ridiculed and labeled. I fart in their general direction to be honest, they know not of what they speak.

I don’t wish to go too much into meditation experiences, for the same reason most meditation teachers won’t, as it adds little if any value outside of satisfying a curiosity, and on the other hand it locks the other side into a perception, into what or how things happen there, and that is rubbish cause if you walk this path it will look like YOUR path, not mine or anyone else’s, know how I mean?

Having said that I do wish to share a particular one. When things come like that, from wherever they do, they are distinguishably out of context and they also skip time as a dimension. It lands in blocks, instantaneous. One day a message drops. “When you take a step forward, I don’t frown on you my friend when you take a step back”.

Thank you, that’s a most beautiful message. I start pushing myself in ways I never have before.

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